The Prefab Advantage

We provide modern architecturally designed living spaces – smart and functional buildings that work for you and your lifestyle. The concept of “great design” runs through each of our products, from the most minute details to the overall aesthetic. Form follows function, resulting in buildings that are unique, cost- efficient, practical and most importantly, a great space to spend time in.

We believe that prefabricating our buildings allows our clients to enjoy the benefits of architecturally designed living spaces without the cost of hiring your own architect or the hassle of building on-site.

We are able to provide lifestyle solutions to our clients through well-designed prefabricated buildings. To us, prefab means reduced construction costs and cost certainty. It is faster, produces less waste, reduces impact on the building site, and provides a quality product and fewer headaches for the client than conventional builds. Prefab is the future.

Our buildings are built (pre-fabricated) off-site in an indoor facility by our team of professional builders, and then transported to your site, where the finishing touches are added. This approach has many advantages- inclement weather is never a factor, our builders are experienced with our specific products, and you, as the customer, do not have to deal with ongoing construction on your property.

Wherever possible we use local, natural and durable materials that are chosen with our climate in mind and require very little maintenance.


We believe in a modern design.

Whether you are relaxing in your  living in your ModHaus, or using your ModPod according to your own unique lifestyle needs, you will be inhabiting a living space designed to be warm, inviting, and cozy – with a modern sense of style.