designed to fit both lifestyle and landscape. 

Smart and functional buildings that work for you and your lifestyle is our mantra. The concept of “great design” runs through all of our products, from the most minute details to the overall aesthetic. Form follows function, resulting in buildings that are unique, cost- efficient, practical and most importantly, a great space to spend time in. Wherever possible we use local, natural and durable materials that are chosen with our climate in mind and require very little maintenance, and CSA approved.


less fabricated. more crafted

Honesty in materials, simplicity in design and obsessive attention to detail, our buildings range from a series of upscale studios to full-scale modern homes.  We take a very non traditional approach to prefab building; we see the factory not as a place to drive efficiency, rather an environment to reach the highest levels of quality possible. Through our flexible, customer focused approach we can make your dream home a reality, in far less time than traditional custom home building.

Our buildings are built in a controlled indoor facility in Liverpool, Nova Scotia by our team of professional builders, and then transported to your site, where the finishing touches are added. This approach has many advantages- inclement weather is never a factor, our builders are experienced with our specific products, and you, as the customer, do not have to deal with ongoing construction on your property.

our team

Nicholas Fudge

All of East Coast Modern’s design has been created by founding partner, Nicholas Fudge. Nicholas believes that good modernist architecture can coexist in harmony with traditional buildings. This vision and approach are reflected throughout the entire portfolio of products at East Coast Modern.

Steve Chiasson

Steve is a passionate fan of modern architecture and has been interested in trying to find avenues to make modern architecture more accessible to the mainstream market.  He believes in bringing modern design to clients through prefab building processes at prices that are competitive with traditional building practices.  

Jonathan Lloy

Jonathan is one of the most innovative builders in Eastern Canada.  He brings a unique problem solving approach to building that allows us to push the limits of what is possible.  His vision and approach has enabled him to create the most capable prefab factory in Nova Scotia where his team hand crafts every one of our projects.

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