This is a 16' x 52' home of gorgeous space with limitless potential. The natural light creates a wonderful, positive living environment.

Starting at $150,000
pricing excludes foundation and transportation

Ideal for: Recreational property or cottage.

ModHaus is about embracing your environment.  The stunning glass allows you to enjoy your surroundings from almost every space within the home.  The home design encourages you to explore.  The soft interior allows you to fully enjoy the home while you are there, and the rugged exterior eliminates worry when you are away.  

The floor plan is flexible allowing for several combinations of sleeping spaces: 2 master bedrooms, master + 2 bunk rooms, or a master + study + bunkroom.  The centre of the home boasts a 24 foot open concept kitchen, dining, and living area beautifully lit by natural light.  

The home comes fully appointed: white high gloss kitchen cabinetry from Glenwood, Atlantic windows & doors, white drywall interiors with modern trim package, solid core interior doors, and metal exterior from Vicwest.   Surfing lessons supplied by request.