The ModClass

Starting at 16' x 32' unit of gorgeous space with limitless potential. The natural light creates a wonderful, positive environment.

Starting at $75,000
pricing excludes foundation and transportation

Ideal for: Office Space, Studios, Break Dancing & Super Cool Classrooms.

In May of 2014 The Halifax Independent School contacted us and asked us if we could design, build, and finish a new classroom space for them in 8 weeks.  We were so excited to take on the challenge that we said yes despite the almost impossible timeline.  We are happy to report that we not only met the timeline, but we produced what we think is an amazing learning space for their students.  On the first day of school the students at The Halifax Independent School were greeted with 10 foot ceilings, an abundance of glass, and a beautiful cedar exterior...not your typical classroom.  

The ModClass can easily be adapted to many needs for space.  An ideal environment for commercial applications or customized to create an ideal residential escape.  Kitchen and bathroom facilities can easily be added to this space.