S M A L L = S M A R T

One of the things we love so much about prefab is the role of design.  Prefab delivers so many amazing benefits to the home owner; these benefits are only possible as a result of an incredible amount of preparation by the designer, and manufacturer.  The end result looks so easy, however the path to deliver this ease is one of careful consideration.  This is also why we love small spaces so much.  Small spaces require thoughtful preparation, they require a skilled designer.  We love the reaction we get every time someone walks into one of our MODPODS.  Whether it is our office in the North End, our Bunkhaus in PEI, or the box office we recently built for the Sand Jam event on the Halifax Harbourfront the reaction is always the same.  The design behind the MODPOD always over delivers expectations.  We recently held a 10 person meeting at our office with room to spare.  This past summer we routinely slept 5 people in our MODPOD MINI in PEI.  Our MODPOD at Sand Jam acted as the Head Quarters for an event that hosted 15,000 people.  Check out some outstanding examples of how small = smart in this month's edition of DWELL magazine at www.dwell.com.