Earth Day 2013

When we first started discussing East Coast Modern one of our aims was to contribute to improving the sustainability of the building industry with prefab.  The environmental benefits of prefab building are well documented; efficiencies in the production process lead to significantly reduced waste, centralized building dramatically reduces the transport of materials, and building sites benefit greatly from less impact.  Before we launched there were very few, if any, opportunities for clients to purchase a modern, prefab home.  We also knew that technology was creating the opportunity for more and more people to work from home.  We are very proud that our products can have a positive impact.  Creating cost effective, highly functional office spaces with MODPOD can reduce commuting.   Delivering one of our MODHAUS products can ensure that your picturesque building site remains intact, with minimal impact to the environment.  We celebrated Earth Day last week in our newest MODPOD, the commute to work was 14 steps from the house.  Tells us about your commute, maybe we can help.