The Case for Innovation

The word innovation conjures up images of great thinkers, cutting edge technologies, and speed.  The reality is that most innovations fail; they miss the mark, they simply do not connect.  Prefab construction is certainly not a new idea, and its many benefits are broadly known.  So why hasn't it taken off?  Why hasn't it tipped?  There must be something missing.   

Prefab home building can learn many important lessons from the electric car.  The promise of the electric car is decades old, in fact the technology is far from new.  One company who has finally put it together is the auto manufacturer Tesla Motors.  Tesla believed that one of the key missing ingredients in electric cars was actually styling, not the technology itself.  Tesla has combined utility, performance, and styling in a way that no other company has in the history of this industry.  As a result, this upstart company won world car of the year in 2013, and is taking orders on vehicles that will not be delivered until 2014.  That sounds like a great business to be in.  Check out the link below where Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils Tesla's newest vehicle, the Model X.

East Cost Modern has yet to reach the lofty levels of Tesla Motors but we share a similar approach to innovation; it's not enough to simply deliver utility and performance, you need great design to truly connect.