We're Not Afraid of the Rain

Canada Day is two weeks away and it's ten degrees in the Maritimes.  If you are building a home it's not actually the cold that is the concern, it's the 100 mm of rain we have received in the last week that is the big issue.  Many job sites across the region have been flooded in the last week, causing significant delays, rework, and a tremendous strain on many budgets.  Dealing with the weather is a real concern when building in the Maritimes; it often represents a major obstacle for many building projects.   Inside the factory the conditions remain the exact same every day of the year; 100% dry, ideal temperature, and never any wind.  This is a major benefit to selecting prefab construction, and it's more important in this region than most.  Building indoors allows our projects to progress with incredible speed, it creates a much more predictable cost environment, and it allows us to control the quality of our materials.  At East Coast Modern we don't like the rain either; but our indoor building process means that we don't have to be afraid of the weather.