Eastcoast Modern Featured in the Chronicle Herald

We received some fantastic support from the team at the Chronicle Herald this morning.  We couldn't have been more thrilled to see our office featured so prominently in the paper today.  We want to thank Debra Hopey Wells for making us the subject for her story in this weekend's Homes section.  It's days like this that you fully appreciate doing business in Atlantic Canada.  Business is competitive by nature, but the business community in Atlantic Canada could not be more supportive.  It seems like there is an endless number of supporters out there which is so important to any business that is launching.  Since the article came out this morning we received numerous emails, phone calls, and texts, as well as over 300 unique visitors to our website.   We are currently working on two very exciting home projects, and with today's influx of inquiries we hope that number will grow quickly.

Below is the link to Debra's article on the Chronicle Herald's website.