Did our difficult winter weather put your project behind schedule?

The entire Atlantic Canadian population was demoralized by our record winter.  Many people are trying to find help to fix water damage in their homes, and the worst pot holes in history are destroying vehicles.  In Halifax the snow has receded dramatically, but is yet to fully disappear.  The extreme winter weather is having a twofold impact on building projects slated to start this Spring.  Firstly, many building sites still remain inaccessible, and secondly, contractors in the area are extremely busy working to help clients whose homes were impacted by the winter weather.  This Spring showcases a huge advantage of choosing prefab over a traditional building approach; the ability to build at any time of the year, despite the weather conditions.  Factory building almost completely eliminates the impact of weather, and it also stretches the building season.  Your East Coast Modern home can be built in the factory over the winter and delivered as soon your land is accessible.  On the other end of the season you could place your foundation before the ground freezes and have your home delivered during the winter.  The energy industry is doing a great job educating consumers about the benefits of using "off-peak" power.  Prefabricated homes provide the client with a similar opportunity; off peak building.  Wouldn't you rather be enjoying your house during our 8 weeks of summer instead of waiting for your project to be completed?