We have had a very exciting past couple of months engaging with numerous potential clients throughout Atlantic Canada.  There are two additional design solutions that we are hearing consistently.  One is the need for a smaller footprint cottage that could be delivered with shorter modules, at a price point of under $150K.  The other request that we have been hearing is the demand for a larger footprint one level home.  We have been working with several clients on both ideas.  While we are not completely finished either concept we wanted to share with you a sketch of MODHAUS III; a 2,000 square foot bungalow which boasts three larger bedrooms, and two full baths.  We will follow up with more detail of the home shortly.  In the meantime let us know what you think about the two design concepts mentioned above.


MODHAUS III: 3 bdrms, 2 baths, 2,000 sq feet

S M A L L = S M A R T

One of the things we love so much about prefab is the role of design.  Prefab delivers so many amazing benefits to the home owner; these benefits are only possible as a result of an incredible amount of preparation by the designer, and manufacturer.  The end result looks so easy, however the path to deliver this ease is one of careful consideration.  This is also why we love small spaces so much.  Small spaces require thoughtful preparation, they require a skilled designer.  We love the reaction we get every time someone walks into one of our MODPODS.  Whether it is our office in the North End, our Bunkhaus in PEI, or the box office we recently built for the Sand Jam event on the Halifax Harbourfront the reaction is always the same.  The design behind the MODPOD always over delivers expectations.  We recently held a 10 person meeting at our office with room to spare.  This past summer we routinely slept 5 people in our MODPOD MINI in PEI.  Our MODPOD at Sand Jam acted as the Head Quarters for an event that hosted 15,000 people.  Check out some outstanding examples of how small = smart in this month's edition of DWELL magazine at   

Eastcoast Modern Featured in the Chronicle Herald

We received some fantastic support from the team at the Chronicle Herald this morning.  We couldn't have been more thrilled to see our office featured so prominently in the paper today.  We want to thank Debra Hopey Wells for making us the subject for her story in this weekend's Homes section.  It's days like this that you fully appreciate doing business in Atlantic Canada.  Business is competitive by nature, but the business community in Atlantic Canada could not be more supportive.  It seems like there is an endless number of supporters out there which is so important to any business that is launching.  Since the article came out this morning we received numerous emails, phone calls, and texts, as well as over 300 unique visitors to our website.   We are currently working on two very exciting home projects, and with today's influx of inquiries we hope that number will grow quickly.

Below is the link to Debra's article on the Chronicle Herald's website.


MODPOD Hits the Halifax Waterfront

Our day at East Coast Modern started at 4:00am as we transported our newest building to its new home on the Halifax Waterfront.  This product is the best building we have completed yet; the 12'x16' MODPOD features wide plank hardwood floors, pine ceilings, pot lights throughout, an expanded 6 foot wide entry door, and a new white washed cedar exterior.  We learn from every build and we are thrilled with the result we have achieved with this unit.  The organizers of the upcoming Sand Jam Halifax ( approached us to build a unit that would serve as the merchandise center for Legends Cup tennis, and the Canada Cup beach volleyball tournament from August 12th - 18th.  We delivered the unit this morning to the Salter Street parking lot located on Lower Water Street directly across from the Brewery Market.  This unit will be put on sale after the waterfront events wrap up at the end of August, we invite to come down to the waterfront and check out the great events and take an up close look at the MODPOD. 


Our transport team guides the 8,000 lb building into place on the Halifax Waterfront. 

We're Not Afraid of the Rain

Canada Day is two weeks away and it's ten degrees in the Maritimes.  If you are building a home it's not actually the cold that is the concern, it's the 100 mm of rain we have received in the last week that is the big issue.  Many job sites across the region have been flooded in the last week, causing significant delays, rework, and a tremendous strain on many budgets.  Dealing with the weather is a real concern when building in the Maritimes; it often represents a major obstacle for many building projects.   Inside the factory the conditions remain the exact same every day of the year; 100% dry, ideal temperature, and never any wind.  This is a major benefit to selecting prefab construction, and it's more important in this region than most.  Building indoors allows our projects to progress with incredible speed, it creates a much more predictable cost environment, and it allows us to control the quality of our materials.  At East Coast Modern we don't like the rain either; but our indoor building process means that we don't have to be afraid of the weather.